I was born into a construction family and it seems as if I had a shovel in my hand.  I was raised living next to Blakley Brothers Construction, my Grandfather’s Company. My roots have always been underground utilities work. I have been working with and helping Blakley Brothers since I was a teenager.

This is where I learned the "in and outs" of septic tank pumping, side sewer installation and repairs, septic installation and repair, sewage pump installation, rotor service and high pressure jetting,  drain fields, pipe installation and repair, water main, water service and including site excavation and site development.

I learned these skills with hands-on experience from experts, was and is, mostly my family. My family business “Blakley Brothers Construction Inc. has always been # 1 in the #2 Business!” They celebrated over 60 years in business and I am very proud of that! 

Branching out on my own after organizing a business plan, to owning my own company, I found a way to purchase my septic pump truck from my Dad. With my mother’s help, we moved forward with the Federal, State, Cities licenses, and bonding. We now serve the entirety of King County, specializing in the Greater Seattle area.

We accomplished all the steps to get started in business and our 1st customer was on June 13, 2015, my grandfather’s neighbor!  I am sure that my Grandparent s Merrill and Katherine Blakley are very proud of what we have accomplished. Especially: the partnership with Blakley Brothers, my grandparents founding company.

I look forward to working with you!

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